3 biggest questions facing Seattle Seahawks entering Week 4 vs. New York Giants

  • Can Seattle get the running game going?
  • Can Seattle get pressure on Daniel Jones?
  • Can Geno be consistent?
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The Seattle Seahawks are this close to being 3-1 heading into their 2023 bye week. That is easier written than done, of course. Going on the road and winning in the NFL is difficult.

That is especially true if a game is in prime time. While Seattle has the best winning percentage of all NFL teams (70 percent) on Monday Night Football, the Seahawks cannot overlook a struggling Giants team. Seattle might have started the season overlooking the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 and Seattle got stomped.

But what are some of the biggest questions for Seattle ahead of Week 4? (Besides whether Taylor Swift now likes football so much she decides to show up to MetLife Stadium for the second night in a row just to watch some football?) The biggest questions might be the three that follow.

Can the Seattle Seahawks get pressure on Daniel Jones?

Seattle welcomes back Jamal Adams this week and he is expected to immensely help with the pass rush. Adams might not play the full game, possibly something close to 40 percent of the snaps, but the snaps he does play should mostly be passing situations. Adams will likely be used as a hybrid linebacker/safety so if the Giants do decide to run and not pass on the play, Adams should still be able to crunch the offensive line.

The Giants, however, are not good at protecting quarterback Daniel Jones. New York is 28th in terms of allowing sacks on dropbacks. Jones has been sacked 10.7 percent of the time he has stepped back to throw. The Giants are also only 19th in yards per rush (4.0) so overall their offensive line does nothing overly well.

The Seahawks haven't yet shown they can have a consistently productive pass rush, though. The team is 17th in QB hits (18), but Seattle is 30th in pressure percentage (16.7 percent) and 24th in hurry percentage (5.1). The Seahawks should have all their presumed top edge rushers healthy in Week 4, and maybe Adams does help, but expecting Seattle to go from relatively bad at rushing the quarterback to suddenly good might be too much. Plus, the Giants might be without running back Saquon Barkley so they could throw the ball even more.