Seattle Seahawks picked to squeak by Giants in FanSided's predictions for Week 4

Will Seattle make it to 3-1 before their bye week in Week 5? Yes, but just barely, per FanSided's predictions.
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The Seattle Seahawks are just, well...better than the New York Giants, right? The Giants have looked pretty bad overall in getting to a 1-2 record in 2023. They barely defeated - with a come-from-far-behind victory, mind you - the Arizona Cardinals (OK, so the Cardinals beat the Dallas Cowboys in Week 3 in what might turn out to be the upset of the century) so is the victory they do have even a quality one?

Seattle, meanwhile, laid the proverbial egg - don't eat that egg, though! It's rotten - in Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams, but have since defeated a good Detroit Lions team on the road in Week 2 and then were victorious against a winless Carolina Panthers team in Week 3. Seattle's bye week is the week beyond the Giants game, however, so Seattle could be 3-1 before licking its wounds and getting healthier in Week 6.

But according to FanSided's Cody Williams and his weekly predictions, the Seahawks are going to have a bit of a rough time of it against one of the two New York teams that play in New Jersey. (Alright, I get that the Giants and Jets are both called New York but they don't play any home games in the state they have as their designated location!) A win is a win no matter how small, though, correct?

Seattle Seahawks predicted to barely win against New York Giants in Week 4

Williams has Seattle winning 26-20 but it appears much of the prediction is due to Giants running back Saquon Barkley being unable to play on Monday. Barkley has an ankle injury that he suffered in Week 2 and he missed Week 3. If barkley were playing, would that change Williams' prediction? I hope not.

The Seahawks faced the Giants with Barkley in 2022 and Seattle won fairly convincingly 27-13. Barkley was held to 53 rushing yards on 20 carriers. Seattle's run defense overall stunk last year but was good enough against New York. Why would Seattle be worse against Barkley in 2023 as the Seahawks run defense seems much better?

So while I am not going to make a prediction myself (simply because I always jinx the team I hope to win), I would expect the Seahawks, especially after getting Jamal Adams and Riq Woolen back in Week 4, to have a much better roster than New York this year. Geno Smith is playing well now and he should have enough weapons to outscore the Giants by at least 10 points.

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