3 bold moves Seahawks made during the 2024 offseason

Seattle certainly changed the course of the franchise this offseason.
John Schneider of the Seattle Seahawks
John Schneider of the Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Chairperson Jody Allen and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks front office did not like the way the team was headed this offseason. The team had not been bad for the last two seasons, but Seattle also was not good enough to make a deep run in the playoffs. In 2023, Seattle missed the postseason all together.

Seattle had a bad offensive line, a poor defensive scheme, and atrocious tackling. Still, the team was one win away from making the postseason. In other words, the team had talent, but there was not a good enough plan to take advantage of the talent.

A lack of good direction from the coaching staff could be seen in individual players as well. Boye Mafe was fantastic through the first half of the season, but then only had one game after Week 10 where he had a sack or a tackle for loss. The coaches could not help him adjust. That time is over now.

Three bold moves the Seahawks made this offseason

Seattle removed Pete Carroll of his duties

Any team moving on from a coach who has been in charge for a decade-plus has a bit of guts. There is not a question of whether Carroll should have been removed; he should have. His defenses were terrible, and he was a defensive-minded head coach. If he could not fix the defense - and he obviously could not - then someone needed to be brought in who could.

Still, the Seahawks knew what they were getting from Carroll. The franchise understood what his message would be, and how the culture of the team was supposed to be. Moving away from that after 14 years meant jumping off a cliff and not knowing if there was water underneath. The team had no way of knowing what would come after Carroll left.

A change was needed, though, and Seattle, though they may have waited a few years too long to make a move, made the change. Carroll was dismissed from his coaching duties and his ability to have the final say over all roster moves. This put general manager John Schneider in charge of that last bit for the first time.