5 bold predictions for Seattle Seahawks 2024 offseason

The Seahawks could be very good in 2024 but they need to make these five moves.
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2. Seattle moves back into first round to take quarterback J.J. McCarthy

Over the last decade-plus, the expectation might be that the Seattle Seahawks would trade back and pick up extra draft picks. I think there are several reasons Seattle doesn't move back from their current first-round selection of number 16. One is that in the years Seattle was trading back, the team did not have as many needs as they currently do. Another reason was that Pete Carroll had final roster decisions and he might have wanted a player that Seattle didn't need to take as high.

With John Schneider fully in charge for the first time, I am guessing the Seahawks do something different. After taking Edgerrin Cooper at pick 16, Seattle could trade their 2025 first-round pick to move back up into the first round and choose J.J. McCarthy. Mike Macdonald is familiar with McCarthy from Macdonald's one season as the defensive coordinator with the University of Michigan. McCarthy will then sit for a season behind QB1 Geno Smith.

McCarthy has very good arm talent, but he never had to show at Michigan that he could be the reason his team wins when needed. He has great mobility and his previous relationship with Macdonald will help ease his transition from college to the pros.

Plus, Geno Smith proved he is willing to help whoever else is in the Seahawks quarterback room learn the plays and scheme. Smith did that with Drew Lock in 2022. He would probably do so with McCarthy starting in 2024.