4 bold predictions for Seattle Seahawks vs. Commanders in Week 10

  • Geno bounces back
  • Boye keeps his streak alive
  • The defense still struggles
  • Who wins?
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The Seattle Seahawks move to 6-3 with a comfortable win

So that last slide might not imply I think Seattle will win comfortably, but I still think Seattle does. While Washington has some decent numbers offensively, they also struggle in other areas. For one, they are 21st in time of possession per drive at 2 minutes and 38 seconds and the Commanders are 24th in third downs converted at 36.0 percent (Seattle is 30th at 31.9).

Washington is 11th in turnovers per drive (13.2 percent) and 24th in scoring percentage per drive (32.1). The problem for Washington is they simply have not been efficient enough. They can score, but inconsistently. Washington is 22nd in average points in the first quarter (3.3) and 25th in average points in the first half (9.8).

I think Seattle starts fast in this game, gets out to a two-touchdown lead in the third quarter, and maintains a 10-14 point lead into the fourth quarter. Washington is 11th in average points scored in the fourth quarter (6.8) so I do think they chip away at the lead a bit late, but there is no real threat to them coming back to win.

Seattle will be 6-3 after the game with another winnable game in Week 11 against the Los Angeles Rams. They could be 7-3 before a tough four-game stretch against the 49ers (twice), Eagles, and Cowboys.

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