3 bold predictions for Seattle Seahawks must-win Week 18 game versus Cardinals

Seattle needs to win and the Green Bay Packers to lose to make the playoffs.
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The Cardinals run for nearly 300 yards, though

Week 18 is going to feel like a quick game between the Seahawks and Cardinals because both teams will run the ball so well. With fewer incompletions, there will be fewer stoppages of the clock so the game will seem like it is flying by except for one thing: The angst 12s feel throughout the game at watching the Seahawks' inability to once again stop another team from gaining so many rushing yards.

In two of Arizona's last three games, they have rushed for at least 221 yards. As poor as the Cardinals record is, they have been a good rushing team for the entire season. They currently rank 6 in rushing yards per game (134.9) and are tied for first in yards gained per attempt (5.0).

This is the case even though their leading rusher, James Connor, has 890 yards but no one else has more than 289 yards. In his seven games back from injury, though, quarterback Kyler Murray has 211 rushing yards and averages 5.4 yards per carry.

Murray will be limited in passing yards in Week 18, but Arizona won't much care about that as they will be so successful running the ball. The Cardinals will have 200 yards rushing by halftime and lead 17-14. Seattle will adjust at the half and do better at stopping the run in the second half, but the entire game will be a struggle for Bobby Wagner and friends.