3 bold predictions for Seattle Seahawks must-win Week 18 game versus Cardinals

Seattle needs to win and the Green Bay Packers to lose to make the playoffs.
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Who wins and why?

The Seattle Seahawks need a victory in Week 18 coupled with a Green Bay Packers loss to the Chicago Bears to make the playoffs. This is the same kind of situation that Seattle had last year when they needed to defeat the Los Angeles Rams and have the Detroit Lions beat the Packers. That happened, so maybe the Seahawks will win and the Packers lose again in 2023. Once in the postseason, though, Seattle would unlikely be favored against anyone they play.

The Arizona Cardinals have nothing to lose as they have been out of the playoff hunt for some time. But Arizona has won four games which is more than many expected. They play hard and they definitely would love to ruin any chance Seattle has to make the playoffs.

The game and the future of the Seahawks could go a few different ways. Seattle could lose much the same way they did in Week 17 and then there might be a real discussion about Pete Carroll being the coach moving forward. The Seahawks could win, have a mediocre season again, and there are few changes this coming offseason.

My guess is that the Seahawks win behind Kenneth Walker's running and quarterback Geno Smith's efficient passing. Seattle will win 30-24, but the Packers will beat the Bears and the Seahawks season will come to a close. There will be few coaching changes in the offseason.

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