4 bold trades the Seahawks should consider to make the next four years better

These would all make the team better.

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Seahawks could trade into the top ten of the 2024 NFL draft

Since John Schneider became the general manager in Seattle in 2010, the team has quite often traded back in the draft. This made sense as Seattle had a good roster and mostly needed depth. One way of adding depth was to move back in the draft and pick up extra draft picks. In the late 2010s, however, Seattle's roster was starting to not be as talented and the team continued to trade back, unfortunately whiffing on several choices made after moving down.

With Pete Carroll gone and Schneider fully in charge of roster decisions, the team could take a different approach to the draft. Plus, Schneider has already spoken about how he is "not proud of" the team not choosing but two quarterbacks in the last 14 drafts. Maybe Schneider sees a quarterback in the draft he really likes, someone such as J.J. McCarthy.

McCarthy appears to be rising up draft boards after his NFL Combine showing and the fact that he literally lost two total games as a full-time starter in high school and college combined. He is a winner who gets the most out of his ability and just needs a chance to prove he can also be a prolific passer. He showed the arm strength at the combine to make any throw he might be tasked to do.

The Chicago Bears have two picks in the top ten currently. They are probably going to take a quarterback with the top pick, but they also have pick number 9. They could trade that choice to Seattle. The Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, and Atlanta Falcons all pick in the top ten as well and might not need a quarterback so Seattle could conceivably move up to one of their spots.