Brandon Aiyuk's sad lament should make Seahawks fans happy

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver might have spilled the tea, and 12s should maybe be happy about that.
Brandon Aiyuk versus Seattle Seahawks
Brandon Aiyuk versus Seattle Seahawks / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

See the sub-header above. The "might" and the "maybe" are intentional and important. A recent social media post involving San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk and rookie Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels might be everything we think it means. The implication of what was said should make Seattle Seahawks fans happy, however.

In the post, Aiyuk is speaking with Daniels via FaceTime - Aiyuk and Daniels played together at Arizona State - and says, "They said they don't want me back." One could read into this Aiyuk discussing his contract situation with the 49ers. He is a free agent in the 2025 offseason and Aiyuk rightfully wants to get paid. San Francisco might not have the money to pay him.

If there is a real issue between the star wide receiver and the 49ers that could cause a bit of drama during the 2024 season. Enough drama could upset the dynamic of a good 49ers team and that might translate to a team less focused than normal. Potentially they lose a game or two they shouldn't and maybe that gives the Seahawks a chance to get a bit closer to the NFC West crown.

Brandon Aiyuk's post about the 49ers could make Seahawks happy...or maybe not

Again, those "might"s and "maybe"s are intentional. The truth is that since Aiyuk is seemingly not very upset in the video - he has a bit of a laugh - he and Daniels could just be having a bit of fun. If they know the video could be posted to social media, they might have planned to just say some silly things and see what happens. Only they would know.

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The 49ers do have some financial decisions to make next offseason and that likely means moving on from Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, or Aiyuk. Samuel and Aiyuk are both going to be very expensive and San Francisco has to have enough money to sign quarterback Brock Purdy in the 2026 offseason. What is unlikely is for San Francisco to tell the receiver before the final year of his current contract that they do not want him to return.

That isn't going to make a player want to play very hard for a team. Again, if San Francisco did tell Aiyuk that and the receiver is less motivated knowing he can't get hurt or that will affect his price tag in free agency in 2025, the Seahawks are going to be winners from that. A diminished 49ers team is a good thing for Seattle.

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