Seahawks urged to go all-in to acquire this elite quarterback in 2025

Geno Smith might be QB1 for the Seahawks currently, but one NFL expert believes Seattle needs to make a change.
Seattle Seahawks offense
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There are seemingly a lot of people who do not care for Geno Smith as a quarterback. Some social media posts say that the Seattle Seahawks quarterback doesn't play well in the biggest moments of games and that he is not at his best in the more important contests. Statistically, however, this is not true.

Smith was seventh in both fourth quarter quarterback rating and in fourth quarter completion percentage among quarterbacks who threw over 100 passes (there were 22 such QBs) in the fourth quarter of games last season. He also led the league in game-winning drives and fourth quarter comebacks. One can blame Smith for other things, but backing away from high-stress moments is incorrect.

What Seahawks fans do not know, however, is whether Smith can be a QB who can lead his team to deep playoff runs. The team around Smith has not been good enough to win at a high level. Possibly, Smith can't win a playoff game, but for sure he is getting older. At the beginning of next year (2025), Smith will be almost 35 years old.

Bleacher Report believes Seahawks should go all-in on signing Dak Prescott in 2025

This might be a good reason for the Seahawks to move on from Smith next offseason. If Seattle does release Smith, the team would save $25 million. Seattle might replace Smith with backup Sam Howell, but one NFL analyst thinks Seattle should go in a completely different direction.

Maurice Moton of Bleacher Report put together a list of five teams that should go all-in next offseason to acquire impending free agent Dak Prescott. Prescott, of course, currently plays for the Dallas Cowboys, and he is going to be very expensive for Dallas to re-sign next year. He also might be ready for a chance in 2025.

At the beginning of the 2025 season, Prescott will be 32 years old. He should have several years left to play at a high level and Seattle would already have a talented roster of offense, with players such as DK Metcalf and Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Prescott would have an easy transition to Seattle. The question is how Seattle would have any chance of signing Prescott, assuming he gets a contract worth closer to $50 million a year.

According to Moton, Seattle could save $25 million by releasing Geno Smith, $8.5 million by moving on from Uchenna Nwosu, $9 million by cutting Noah Fant, and restructuring Leonard Williams' deal. Why, after making all that room, would Seattle then spend most of it on one player? That does not seem like the John Schneider way.

Plus, Moton refers to Fant and Nwosu as "role" players. Fant might be closer to that term than Metcalf, but Seattle also thought enough of Fant, by far Seattle's best pass-catching tight end, to re-sign him to a contract this offseason that pays him $10 million a season. Nwosu is the team's best edge rusher and is far from simply being a role player.

The other question is whether Prescott is so much more of an upgrade over Smith that Seattle would spend more than $10 million a year on Prescott than Smith (Smith's cap hit in 2025 is $38.5 million).

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Just two seasons ago, Prescott led the league in interceptions. His quarterback rating in playoff games is just 91.8. Takeaway one performance in a postseason game when Prescott threw four touchdown passes against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a couple of years ago and Prescott's touchdown to interception ratio in the playoffs is just 10:7.

Dak Prescott is not a bad quarterback, but is he that much better than Geno Smith that Seattle would blow any cap room it creates in 2025 on Prescott? That would also mean losing Uchenna Nwosu and Noah Fant, too. That simply does not seem logical.

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