Breaking down the turning point in Seattle Seahawks ugly Week 7 victory vs. Cardinals

Despite offensive struggles once again in Week 7, one key play in the first half ultimately served as the difference maker in the Seahawks victory over the Cardinals.
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Another impressive outing from the Seattle Seahawks defense is giving real cause for optimism as the season progresses and more importantly, as the schedule enters a rough stretch. Offensively, however, Seattle is still figuring things out. I know both DK Metcalf and Zach Charbonnet were injured, but that doesn't hold enough weight for why the Seahawks weren't able to score more in this game.

The Arizona Cardinals have been one of the worst second half teams in the NFL. Yet, they remained right in this ballgame. Primarily, because of the turnovers. Being minus three in the turnover margin rarely results in victories. But, a stifling effort on the defensive side helped this Seahawks team earn their 4th win of the season.

One bright spot offensively was a 54 percent 3rd down conversation rate. That is now two straight weeks where the Seahawks have improved on 3rd downs, keeping drives alive. I think the evolution of rookie WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba is going to help those numbers constantly rise. With that said, speaking of bright spots and rookie wide receivers, one Seahawk favorite made the difference in this game with an early candidate for catch of the year.

Turning point in Seattle Seahawks Week 7 victory

The phenomenon that is Jake Bobo just keeps on giving. With no DK Metcalf, the Seahawks desperately needed size to help overcome their red zone struggles. Enter, Jake Bobo. In the second quarter, trailing 10-7, the Seahawks were piecing together a response to a Cardinals touchdown.

Entering the red zone, I think many were expecting Seattle to continually work the short-yardage routes with Tyler Lockett and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Kenneth Walker III was also having great success on the ground. Seattle's offensive line was doing a good job of getting leverage downhill and opening up the lanes for big gains. However, the Seahawks decided to take a shot to the end zone.

The ball placement, running of the route, concentration, catch, and toe-tap was just insane. Geno Smith did an excellent job of putting that ball in a place where only Bobo can catch it. With one hand, Bobo reeled it in and kept control through the ground on what many thought was an incomplete pass. But, with the second toe just hitting the turf, Jake Bobo recorded his first NFL touchdown in what served as the difference maker in this game.

Let's start with the play itself. The design and concept are what we need to see more of from this Seahawks offense in the red zone. At the line of scrimmage, it appears as if the Arizona Cardinals are in man-to-man. If they were to stick in man-to-man with a single high safety, Geno has 2 primary reads. The first was Bobo on the sluggo (slant and go) and the second, trying to hit Kenneth Walker III in the flat. Jaxon Smith-Njigba is running a slant route, with the intention of creating a pick for Walker.

But, Arizona was disguising it as they are actually in zone coverage. Rookie CB Garrett Williams, who appears to be matched up with Tyler Lockett, ends up bailing once the ball is snapped and serves as a free safety for the remainder of the play. With TE Noah Fant running a streak route up the middle, he does enough to pull Williams away from Bobo to give him a one-on-one look. After the snap, Geno recognizes zone coverage and drops a dime.

Although this touchdown came in the second quarter, it ended up being huge as the Seahawks were only able to score six points in the second half. Without this touchdown, the game would have been really tight, maybe even with Arizona having a chance to take the lead at some point in the 4th quarter.

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