For Pete's Sake: 4 critical observations from the Seahawks loss in Week 14

  • Geno Smith's absence wasn't as noticeable as anticipated
  • Jamal Adams continues to be a problem
  • The offense could not get into a groove at all
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The offense never really gained their footing, making their task even more difficult

Other than the exciting opening drive that ended with a 31-yard touchdown to DK Metcalf, the offense could not do much of anything successfully for the rest of the game. From Zach Charbonnet and Kenneth Walker III's lack of run game to unreliable pass catchers outside of Tyler Lockett, there wasn't much Drew Lock could do to push the ball down the field.

It was an odd sight, given how beneficial it was to have both running backs re-join the team after dealing with injuries. The usual reliance on the ground game had to basically be abandoned, as the duo recorded 17 carries for just 65 yards, averaging 3.75 yards per carry.

The receivers weren't much help either, though. Metcalf caught just two passes on five targets, Noah Fant went 2/4, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba had a rough day, hauling in only four catches on seven targets for 25 yards.

It was a far cry from how the offense in totality fared against the Cowboys one week ago, making their forgettable effort on Sunday even more head-scratching. Hopefully, they figure it out over the next week, or they won't have the luxury of adding more wins to their season and could kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

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