5 current Seahawks who should retire with Seattle

The Seahawks have not yet started the 2024 season, but these players should never leave Seattle.
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George Fant - Seahawks offensive tackle

This one might be an odd one, but something just feels right about Fant beginning and ending his career in Seattle. The Seahawks gave Fant a chance to prove he could be an offensive tackle in the NFL after playing tight end in college. While some likely doubted Fant would ever make it as an offensive lineman in the league, he not only stayed on rosters but he was good at his job.

In only one season, 2022, did Fant grade poorly overall, according to Pro Football Focus. He has also shown the versatility to play either left tackle or right tackle and do each well. This could be important in 2024 as Fant was re-signed by Seattle this offseason after he played with two different teams between 2020 and 2023. His main job will be to backup right tackle Abe Lucas, but with Lucas's knee issues, Fant could end up starting more than Lucas this season.

Should Lucas stay healthy but something happen to left tackle Charles Cross, Fant could swing to the left side and be an efficient blocker. Fant has allowed more than 3 sacks in a season only once since his rookie season in 2016. He was signed for two seasons at the end of which he will be 33 years old. He might choose to retire then.

Devon Witherspoon - Seahawks cornerback

This might seem silly as Witherspoon has only played one season, but what was clear in his rookie year was that he was going to be a long-term disruptor in the NFL. As opposed to Riq Woolen who made the Pro Bowl as a rookie the year before Witherspoon was drafted, Witherspoon came into the league a more polished product. He also offers an extreme amount of versatility that most corners simply will never have.

Witherspoon can cover extremely well, he can chase down quarterbacks at an unexpected clip, and he will get even better in run support. Ideally, a cornerback would play on the outside and hopefully shut down an opponent's top receiver. Witherspoon can play on the outside, but being in the slot allows the Seahawks to disguise their defenses better and gets the dangerous corner closer to the line of scrimmage.

Witherspoon will play out his rookie deal and his fifth-year option will probably get picked up. After that, Seattle should sign him to a long-term extension. Maybe things could end up going very wrong for Witherspoon, but there is a greater chance he becomes an eight-time Pro Bowler.