4 defensive coordinators Seattle Seahawks need to hire to replace Clint Hurtt

Seattle's defense is no better overall than 2022 so perhaps a DC change is needed.
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No. 2 - Ben Bloom

Ben Bloom, like Hurtt prior to him becoming a DC, has mainly worked with defensive linemen. But he has been ultra-successful in his 14 seasons in the NFL. Due to his experience, there is very little that NFL offenses could show him that he would be unprepared for. Plus, he always gets his D-lines to be beasts against the run which has allowed the Browns secondary to flourish.

Bloom has also helped Myles Garrett become one of the best, if not the best, defensive lineman in the league. Bloom knows how to teach technique and get players to apply that technique in the best possible situations. This appears to differ completely from what the Seahawks are attempting to do which is possibly teach technique but then have no clue to how to scheme.

Cleveland is currently in the top half of the NFL in yards per rush, first in quarterback pressures, and 11th in missed tackles. While Cleveland's defense overall is good, and Bloom is not the DC, the basis of what Cleveland does starts with the defensive line that is led by Bloom.

Hopefully with Seattle, he could get the defense refocused and something akin to the Super Bowl years of 2013 and 2014 where the Seahawks could rush four and let the secondary focus on coverage. Again, with Bloom's overall experience, that should not be a problem.