4 defensive coordinators Seattle Seahawks need to hire to replace Clint Hurtt

Seattle's defense is no better overall than 2022 so perhaps a DC change is needed.

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No. 3 - Eric Washington

Washington is another defensive line coach and, like Bloom, has proved his worth to his team for a number of years. He has been with the Buffalo Bills since 2020 but has been in the NFL since 2008. He spent most of the 2010s as the defensive line coach for the Carolina Panthers before becoming their DC in 2018 and 2019.

While his seasons with Carolina were not overly successful, his units were mostly devoid of talent as well. With Buffalo, he has got his defensive line to be stout against the run and pressure quarterbacks. But one area he truly succeeds in is that he can incorporate free agent talent immediately into his designs.

Veteran players over the last few that have joined Buffalo and not digressed were Von Miller and Leonard Floyd. Miller appears to have remained one of the better well-rounded edge rushers in the league while he plays a bunch along the defensive line, though he was injured earlier in 2023 and won't return this year.

The Bills raw talent isn't fantastic along its defensive interior, but the group was 11th in yards per rush in 2022. In 2023, defensive tackle Ed Oliver has 6 sacks and 11 quarterback hits. Overall, the Bills have 41 sacks and 33 of those come from the front four in Buffalo.