4 defensive coordinators Seattle Seahawks need to hire to replace Clint Hurtt

Seattle's defense is no better overall than 2022 so perhaps a DC change is needed.

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No. 4 - Al Harris

Perhaps the next best thing to getting Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn back as the Seahawks DC is adding Harris. He has been the Cowboys defensive backs coach since 2020 and he was a secondary coach with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2013 through 2018. Harris would be a different kind of coach than Bloom and Washington, but Seattle might think of building the defense from back to front in much the same way they did in the Legion of Boom years.

Harris played in the NFL from 1998 through 2011 as a cornerback. There is nothing he has not seen at the professional level and this has allowed him to teach his players how to maximze their ability. Plus, watching Harris with his players on the sidelines of games it is clear the players love playing for him.

Dallas had 16 interceptions in 2022 and all came from the defensive backs. In 2023, the Cowboys have 13 picks with DaRon Bland leading the way with 8 and he has returned an incredible 5 of them for touchdowns. Bland was a fifth-round draft pick in 2022 so Harris has been able to mold him quickly into one of the best corners in the league.

Of course, a perfect scenario might be taking Dan Quinn from the Cowboys and having him be the Seahawks head coach in 2024 and Quinn adding Harris as his DC. Now if the Seahawks offense can just get a bit better and be consistently productive.

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