5 dream draft targets for Seahawks to build unstoppable offense around Geno Smith

These players would turn Seattle's offense into one that is championship caliber.

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It was an eventful week at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Early in the week, odd statements by Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider and head coach Mike Macdonald left questions about Geno Smith’s future, before it was reported that Smith will, in fact, be in Seattle in 2024. The question about the future of the quarterback position in Seattle will not go away. 

As part of the 45 visits permitted to each team, the Seahawks have met with numerous quarterbacks, including Drake Maye and Jalen Daniels, who both presume to be long gone by pick number 16. While these rumors will continue to persist, probably all the way through the draft, I think it's important to look at what we saw at the Combine, and how, or who can help Geno Smith.

The past two years have been moments of average to above-average QB play, mixed in with a handful of games where it doesn't feel like a Super Bowl appearance is out of the question. There are many factors that have led to both the struggles and successes with Geno in his two years.

These five offensive draft picks could make the Seahawks Seahawks great

The defense is abysmal, for one. The amount of close games Geno Smith's been in has been ridiculous, plus he has had some pretty horrific in-game management from the offensive staff.

With a new regime at the helm, this year is likely Smith's last chance to show that he can be a championship-caliber quarterback. With that being said, here are the five draft targets that could help build something super in Seattle with Geno Smith.