4 dream trade targets for the Seattle Seahawks this offseason

These players would greatly improve Seattle beginning in 2024.
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The search for a new head coach continues for the Seattle Seahawks. They remain one of two openings (Washington Commanders) available. However, the wait should be over soon. Especially since, both the Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens were eliminated from the playoffs in the Conference Championship Round. Ravens DC Mike Macdonald and Lions OC Ben Johnson are both strong candidates for the opening in Seattle.

Whichever route Seattle decides to go, this offseason can serve as instrumental in how far this team can go in the upcoming regular season. Once again chasing the San Francisco 49ers, who just clinched their birth in Super Bowl LVIII, the Seahawks need to build around stopping them. Similar to last off-season, my guess is the focal point remains the same -- fixing the trenches on both sides of the ball.

With that said, the Seattle Seahawks can turn to free agency, the draft, or, making a trade in an attempt to improve their young roster. The last time we saw the Seahawks make a trade in the offseason, it featured Russell Wilson. While Seattle is known for being bargain shoppers as the trade deadline approaches, they might have to make a big splash this off-season via trade.

4 dream trade targets for the Seattle Seahawks

The reason I suggest an aggressive off-season approach by Seattle is because you can make the argument they are simply just a piece away from elevating their play and becoming a legitimate contender in the NFC. The successful drafts in the past two seasons have allowed this team to get better at pivotal positions. Of course, those said players would continually need to improve in years 2 and 3, but the Seahawks are building from within.

Similar to their first Super Bowl run with John Schneider and Pete Carroll, the building-from-within approach helped in part because of the salary flexibility that allowed them to acquire more talent in the off-season. While the cap space isn't relatively similar to that in 2013, the Seahawks can make moves that free up enough space for them to be players in the trade market.

Here are four dream trade targets for the Seattle Seahawks this offseason.