3 Seattle Seahawks players that John Schneider should trade this offseason

Trading these three players would bring needed draft capital back.
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John Schneider may decide to rebuild the Seattle Seahawks to create his own vision. These are the three most likely candidates to trade if he wants the maximum return. If it was my club, I'd only trade one of these players. The second will stir some controversy, and I know the third is really going to fan some flames.

So let me begin by saying that if I was running the Seahawks, only one of these moves would happen. Sadly, the Hawks would probably lose their first six games due to the terrible players and coaches I brought in, and I'd be fired by Week 8. Okay, more like Week 2. Of training camp. But I digress. There is every reason to believe that John Schneider will see this as his opportunity to put his stamp on the Seahawks and step out of Pete Carroll's shadow.

One very quick way to do that is to cut ties with the team's past. Again, I would only make one of these moves, but the 12s are truly blessed that I'm not the general manager. I'd likely turn this team into a powerhouse to rival the Cardinals in a matter of weeks.

One of the challenges facing Schneider is that Seattle simply doesn't have a lot of trade bait. Two of the top five contracts they have on the books belong to Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs. I can't imagine any team offering more than a ham sandwich for Adams. Considering his contract, his injuries, and his various transgressions this season, he's far more likely to be cut.

Diggs declined quite a bit on the field this year, although his play did improve once Julian Love took over as his full-time partner. Still, I can't see much of a trade market for him, considering his contract. Again, it's far more likely that other teams will just wait for the Hawks to cut him, as they desperately need to clear cap space.

The Seattle Seahawks will move on from their most expensive FA signing ever

Dre'Mont Jones could certainly be released, as a post-June 1st cut would shave $11.5 million off the Seahawks cap. A trade after that date wouldn't save Seattle one nickel more, but it could net them an additional draft pick. So why would a team trade for a player that will likely be cut in this case, when they wouldn't trade for Diggs? Well, for one thing, Quandre is a free safety who's already lost a step and just turned 31 this month. Would I keep him? Sure, at a very, very large discount.

Jones plays defensive end - like you didn't realize that - but the point is, speed isn't at the top of the checklist at that position, unlike free safety. Strength, quickness, reaction time, sure. He has two more advantages that Diggs doesn't. First, he just turned 27, so he's four years younger at a position where players typically play longer. Second, while he wasn't exactly good in his only year for the Hawks, he (and John Schneider) can correctly point out that he wasn't used to his greatest advantage. I mean, hello, is Clint Hurtt coming back?

The extent to which that's true is immaterial. It is a fact that almost all Seattle defenders declined this season. That's a selling point to move Jones, cut the team's losses, and still get some modicum of return. I don't care if it's just a fourth-round pick in 2025; it's more than nothing, which is what they'll get if they have to cut him. In the right system, I think Jones could still contribute.