4 dream trade targets for the Seattle Seahawks this offseason

These players would greatly improve Seattle beginning in 2024.
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Seattle Seahawks dream trade target No. 2: QB Justin Fields

As alluded to earlier in this thread, the Seattle Seahawks will spend this offseason very similar to last, chasing the San Francisco 49ers. The obvious is building a machine in their rush packages, similar to the 49ers. Unfortunately, there aren't too many Nick Bosa's walking on this planet. However, they can copy the 49ers (& what they did in the early Russell Wilson years) and build their roster around a quarterback who is still on a rookie contract.

Seahawks dream trade target #2

This move would of course mean either trading or cutting Geno Smith. The tricky thing with that is that the Seahawks would need to get this deal done shortly after the Super Bowl in order to not waste any dead money on Geno Smith. In fact, many actually might be opposed to this move and rather stick with Geno Smith for the upcoming 2024 season. My only counter would be that Justin Fields is younger, cheaper, and might blossom in a different environment.

He was considered a top talent coming out of Ohio State. He has been mostly inconsistent in his young NFL career. But, that can be attributed due to his surroundings in Chicago. Ironically, very similar to what Geno Smith experienced early on in his career in New York. If Seattle were able to pull off this deal, Fields would be under center with significantly better options than any of his years with the Bears. D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Jaxon Smith-Njigba with Kenneth Walker and Zach Charbonnet in the backfield.

Not to mention a new offensive coordinator in Seattle, who might be able to bring out the best in Fields. His accuracy has been a knock against him. But, look at the resurrection of Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield. When put in the right place with the right coaches, that can change. Most importantly, Fields has the dual-threat ability that we know John Schneider puts a lot of stock into. He will be under contract in 2024 for $1.6 million.