4 dream trade targets for the Seattle Seahawks this offseason

These players would greatly improve Seattle beginning in 2024.
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Seattle Seahawks dream trade target No. 3: DT DeForest Buckner

In the past two seasons, the Seattle Seahawks have ranked 30th and 31st in rush defense. This past season, from December onward, the Seahawks allowed over 160 rushing yards in each game. In the last two games, they allowed over 200 rushing yards. A major problem that was difficult to fathom given the amount of talent on defense. A solution could be presented through a trade.

Seahawks dream trade target #3

The once 49er, DeForest Buckner, can help bolster the Seahawks' defensive front. His name might be a popular one throughout this offseason given he has one year left on his contract. Trading for him means that Seattle would be letting Leonard Williams walk. That may be unlikely given the draft capital they spent on acquiring Williams.

Nonetheless, for the time being, we can consider Buckner to the Seahawks and what it would mean for the rest of this defense. If you look at the two Super Bowl teams and really, the dominant teams throughout the regular season and playoffs, the common denominator is the trenches. Having a good pass rush doesn't always mean having the most sacks. It could translate to generating a lot of pressure or hurry-ups, which allows the defense to play 7 guys in coverage.

In this case, Buckner would improve both the run and pass defense, which sort of works hand-in-hand. The good run defense keeps the offense behind the chains and forces 3rd and longs. The good pass defense is then able to get after it on those 3rd down situations. Certainly, scheme and philosophy play a role in how a certain coach or coordinator wants to attack. But overall, DeForest Buckner would be a huge boost to this defense.