4 dream trade targets for the Seattle Seahawks this offseason

These players would greatly improve Seattle beginning in 2024.
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Seattle Seahawks dream trade target No. 4: QB Caleb Williams

This would be the second deal of this thread involving the Chicago Bears. If the Seattle Seahawks wanted to make a big splash after moving off legendary coach Pete Carroll, they could trade up to the number 1 spot in the 2024 NFL Draft and select Caleb Williams out of USC. It would certainly cost a lot, but might be worth it given the potential upside Williams has.

Seahawks dream trade target #4

The Seattle Seahawks would also add their 2025 2nd round draft pick to this deal.

In this scenario, the Bears decide to trade down similar to what they did last year. The only difference, instead of getting an offensive weapon in return (D.J. Moore), they get a defensive player to be paired with their defensive head coach. For Seattle, this deal would be very unlike them as they have not been known to ever trade up in the 1st-round of the NFL Draft.

But, we are entering a new era in Seattle and this would certainly be one hell of a way to start it. Prior to the start of the 2023 football season, Caleb Williams was the prohibited favorite to be selected #1 overall. However, after a rough stretch down the season, some debate is beginning to formulate. In my opinion, it's not really close -- Williams is the best prospect by far at his position or otherwise in this class.

In watching him, the initial comparison is Patrick Mahomes because of how much they resemble each other in twitchiness. Meaning, how they evade from the pocket, their footwork, the tendency they both have in pump faking, and how they hold the ball afterward. But, another name popped into my head the more tapes I watched on Williams, one familiar to Seattle Seahawk fans: Russell Wilson.

Caleb Williams is the definition of the modern-day quarterback. He has the arm talent, escapability, athleticism, and accuracy that is needed to become an elite quarterback at the next level. Not to mention, he'd be on a cheap contract for his first four years in Seattle, allowing them to continually surround him with pieces.

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