Expect a lot of Seahawks' John Schneider at NFL combine but none of Mike Macdonald

Schneider has a good reason for Macdonald not being at the combine.

Steph Chambers/GettyImages

For the previous 14 offseasons, someone else was in charge of the Seattle Seahawks roster decisions. That person was former head coach Pete Carroll and Carroll was relieved of his duties after this past season. General manager John Schneider has been with the team since 2010 as well, but his role has changed this offseason.

Schneider does not only have the final say over all roster decisions, but he has a new title too: President of Football Operations. Schneider is now the clear alpha of the football part of the organization and however good or bad the team is in the next few years will be either his to take the credit for or his to take the blame. Mike Macdonald might be the new head coach, but this is Schneider's team.

This is one of the main reasons that when the NFL combine is held in Indianapolis next week the Seahawks' presence at the event will be Schneider but not Macdonald. Macdonald's job will be to take the pieces given to him and turn those pieces into a cohesive unit that wins football games and makes on-field decisions. But the roster is all Schneider.

John Schneider is now the true alpha for the Seattle Seahawks

Schneider is tasking his new coaching staff with implementing their respective systems and getting to know the rest of Seattle's staff. While the coaches are doing that, Schneider is going to be evaluating talent at the combine and do whatever else it is that general managers do. He is clearly the face of Seattle football now.

Schneider will also be speaking with agents at the combine and seeing what might be available in free agency. He will be directing the scouting team on which players he most wants to watch. He will be in full control over anything Seahawks.

This, of course, means that whoever Seattle does take in the draft is going to be up to Schneider. Plus, whoever the Seahawks sign in free agency is up to Schneider. Mike Macdonald will get praise or blame during the season, of course, for what happens during games, but the real architect of the team is Schneider. If the team fails, that will be on the general manager for how the team is constructed. Let's hope the opposite comes true, though.

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