Final weather report for Seahawks vs. Steelers Week 17 matchup

Seattle hosts Pittsburgh at Lumen Field on Sunday.
Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks need two wins to clinch a playoff spot. Seattle might even make the playoffs in Week 17 should they win and the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers play to a tie on Sunday. That is unlikely but possible. While Seattle hosts the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, will the weather be an issue?

It should be noted, however, that both teams are used to playing in conditions that are not perfect. Seattle can stay chilly and drizzly in the winter while Pittsburgh can get cold and snowy. If Week 17 were being held at the Steelers place instead of the Seahawks, Geno Smith would be trying to complete passes to DK Metcalf in dropping temperatures when the high was only in the lower 40s with a good chance of rain and a decent amount of wind.

At least Seattle will be slightly better. According to NFL Weather, Seattle should see a high close to 50 degrees with some light wind. There is a chance of rain (I mean, this is Seattle in December) but conditions should improve as the game wears on. Plus, we know how it is. Rarely does it rain hard for hours on end in the Pacific Northwest. A heavy drizzle is more likely.

What is the weather like for Seahawks vs. Steelers in Week 17?

But teams can play in a little rain if it actually does rain. Conditions would be worse in Elliott Bay if there was a strong wind but there shouldn't be. So not only should Geno Smith and the rest of the Seahawks' offense be affected, but if the game is decided by a Jason Myers field goal, the wind shouldn't be a factor there either.

At least we know that in Week 18 when Seattle travels to play the Arizona Cardinals there will be no weather issues. Not only does the Cardinals' State Farm Stadium have a retractable roof, but the Phoenix area only has two kinds of weather: Hot and less hot. The wind and rain will not be an issue.

Now we just need to hope that the Seahawks get a win against the Steelers at Lumen Field and then beat the Cardinals on the road. That sounds simple enough and would mean Seattle is in the playoffs. A slip-up in Week 17, however, might cause major issues.

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