Former punter blasts Seattle Seahawks for Week 18 cigars

Jon Ryan feels some young Seahawks need to grow up.
Otto Greule Jr/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks are not going to the playoffs this year. I apologize if you did not already know that but it is true. Seattle did win their final regular season game against the Arizona Cardinals to finish the season 9-8 but missed the playoffs after failing to win their final two games. After the game in the locker room (I imagine it would be weird to do so during the game), some members of the Seahawks pulled out some cigars and had a puff.

The reason the cigars were with the players in the first place seems to have some dispute. Head coach Pete Carroll said on his Monday morning show on Seattle Sports 710 AM that he thought the players had brought them in case they had made the postseason and even though they didn't, the players smoked them anyway.

Carroll did say the locker room "stunk" because of the cigar smell, but it seems odd he would not have known the real reason the cigars were there. The truth appears to be that the cigars were a gift to him from fellow players as Love's wife recently gave birth. As this would be one of the last times the players would be in the same room this season, smoking the cigars makes sense.

Jon Ryan has an extreme reaction to some Seahawks smoking cigars

But former Seahawks punter Jon Ryan took issue with what the players did. In fact, he said was "shaking with anger" on a social media post. That seems a bit of an extreme reaction, doesn't it? Maybe Ryan just needs to sit back, relax, and have a cigar.

The X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) post from Ryan also said, "The Seahawk way is a bit different these days I guess. I could say a lot of things right now because I’m shaking with anger but I’ll just say I’m really disappointed."

I guess I could see Ryan's irritation since he played on a Super Bowl winner and a team that valued winning so highly. But if the cigars were truly a celebration of Love's new child then Ryan just looks foolish. Unless he is just very angry Love had a child and that would be strange.

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