3 former Seahawks players we're glad are gone, 2 we wish never left

Two of these players are worth still rooting for.
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DeeJay Dallas signing elsewhere means some of the fun is gone

DeeJay Dallas was never going to be RB1 in Seattle, but he might have been better used by a more imaginative offensive coordinator than Shane Waldron. Now, both Waldron and Dallas are gone. Dallas signed with the Arizona Cardinals this offseason, a place where many former Seahawks seem to end up. The running back is joining L.J. Collier and Evan Brown there.

Dallas was at times a solid punt and kick returner, and he flashed some ability to gain yards when he would get carries. He mostly just sat on the bench and watched, though. But no one could claim Dallas was a bad teammate.

He appeared to have a great sense of humor to help keep his teammates loose. His NFL profile photo was a picture of him mimicking his friend, Brandon Tanev, of the Seattle Kraken. That is the kind of person Dallas was. He wanted to play well, but he also wanted to enjoy what he did.

Seahawks saved money by Drew Lock leaving

Lock, like Dallas, was seemingly a great teammate. He wanted to be the starting quarterback in Seattle, of course, but he did not sulk by being the backup. When his chance to start a couple of games came in 2023, he played relatively well. He also did not try to stir any controversy after Geno Smith returned from injury and went back to being QB1. Lock signed this offseason with the New York Giants for $5 million.

At the time, that only left Smith on the roster at the quarterback spot, but general manager John Schneider would later trade for Sam Howell. Howell will serve as the backup to Smith in 2024, but Howell has a far greater amount of recent starting experience than Drew Lock and Howell is $4 million less expensive. Ultimately, Seattle likely got - at worst - a quarterback as good as Lock but saved money by doing so.

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