Sam Howell has the perfect response about joining the Seattle Seahawks

Howell was acquired via trade by Seattle.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks needed a quarterback to back up Geno Smith. Smith is the clear number one in Seattle and his play over the last two years has proved that. If healthy, Smith is playing. He also has shown recently to be a great teammate (and in some cases a now-former teammate) often tweeting about players in free agency. Smith is not only the leader on the field, he is obviously one of the leaders in the locker room as well.

But as Smith showed with Drew Lock, he does not have so much of an ego that he takes offense at any other who might also be wanting to get reps at the position he plays. Lock and Smith had a good relationship and Smith even tried to help Lock get acclimated to the team. There is little doubt he will do the same with recently acquired Sam Howell.

Seattle traded for Howell last week. Along with Howell, the Seahawks got a fourth-round pick and a sixth-round selection in the 2024 NFL draft, but Seattle had to give back a third-round choice and a fifth-round selection. Basically, Seattle traded a third-round choice for Howell and that might be a little high for a player expected to be a backup.

Sam Howell might prove to be the perfect backup quarterback for the Seahawks

No matter, Howell has experience starting in the NFL and threw 21 touchdowns for the Washington Commanders in 2023. He holds on to the ball too long and makes some bad decisions, but he is also fairly accurate and has a great attitude in being coachable. This is going to help him with getting to know his Seattle teammates and help him once he gets on the field if Smith gets hurt (which hopefully does not happen).

But in his first question and answer after being traded to Seattle, Howell did not only say the right things. He said them perfectly. That includes this gem: "You definitely don't want to be the visiting team, so I'm happy to be on the home sideline now. It's definitely the toughest place to play in the league, and I'm just happy I'm on the right side of it now."

The "right side." That should make 12s happy. This is especially true as Howell is just 23 years old, under an inexpensive contract for the next two years, and potentially good enough to become the starter in Seattle. He will have to prove he is good enough to follow Geno Smith and not try to overtake the veteran, but Howell appears to have the perfect attitude for that.

In fact, Howell has already said enough good things that if he does have to step onto the field to take QB1 snaps, his teammates are going to want to play for him. 12s should want to root for him. Based on his contract, attitude, and talent (even if giving up a third-round pick was a bit high), Howell might be the perfect backup to Geno Smith over the next two years, most likely.

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