One former Seahawks star tipped to land with the New York Jets

Seattle might be done with free agency but one former Seahawks Pro Bowler is still looking for a home.
Seattle Seahawks versus New York Jets
Seattle Seahawks versus New York Jets / Lindsey Wasson/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks are likely done with making any kind of splash in free agency. The team does not have much money to spend and no position that has a great need. At least, not that one that would probably be filled by someone who is still available in free agency.

Seattle does have a number of players who played for them in 2023 that are still free agents, though. Jamal Adams might be the biggest name as he has the biggest personality. There is no guessing as to what Adams is thinking, he will tell you quite empathically what is on his mind. Sometimes not in the best ways, either.

Perhaps the best former Seahawks player available is safety Quandre Diggs. He made multiple Pro Bowls with Seattle and had four or more interceptions in three years. Last year, though, he seemed to dip in quality. He was also expensive and the Seahawks needed to create cap space. One plus three meant Diggs was released to save the team more than $10 million.

Former Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs pegged as a good fit for the New York Jets

Diggs might be a good fit with Mike Macdonald's defense if he can bounce back to his 2022 level, but he is also past 30 years old and coming off what for him is a down season. Taking a chance on him is iffy for any team, especially for Seattle who is trying to overturn the roster a bit and get younger.

That shouldn't keep Diggs from finding a job. Jets X Factor believes he would be a great fit for the New York Jets and he probably would. New York already has a fantastic defense. Adding a ball-hawk in Diggs only means the team is going to create more turnovers. That makes the Jets more dangerous.

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Diggs is also smart enough to know how to fit into any scheme. His experience clearly helps as well. If New York needs a safety, signing Diggs would be a smart move.

Diggs might be an upgrade over Rayshawn Jenkins who the Seahawks signed this offseason. Still, Mike Macdonald likely knows which players are going to fit well in his system and he might have seen Jenkins as better for his defense than Diggs. Either way, Seahawks fans should harbor no ill will toward Diggs. He was a good leader on the team and a productive player. Wherever he ends up, hopefully, he will be successful.

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