3 former Seahawks who are still having trouble finding jobs

A couple of these players could return to Seattle.

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The Seattle Seahawks are not quite yet done with free agency, but they do not have much to spend still. This is especially true as the team has to sign their 2024 NFL draft picks and fill out a practice squad. Seattle likely has less than $8 million left to spend.

Some players that Seattle released ahead of free agency are still looking for new teams. At least two are worthy of catching on elsewhere. The same two might players that general manager John Schneider hopes to bring back, though at a very low rate.

Besides the players that follow, there are a number of other (currently) former Seahawks who are free agents. This includes Phil Haynes, Bryan Mone, and Jason Peters. None of those three are likely to return to Seattle, and Peters might stay retired.

Former Seattle Seahawks special teams captain Nick Bellore hasn't found a home

The hope is that Nick Bellore might come back. He is fantastic in the locker room and he plays with a ferociousness on the field. His teammates clearly adore him, and his Between Two Bellores segment on Seahawks.com will be missed. But when he signed his most recent deal in 2022, the amount Seattle was paying him - two years and $6.6 million - seemed extremely high for a player who never got reps on offense or defense.

Still, Bellore would be nice to have back at something close to the vet minimum because he does lighten the sometimes tense locker room atmosphere, but he would set a great example for the young players on Seattle's team as well. No one plays with more team spirit than does Bellore.

In fact, he made the Pro Bowl as a special teams player in both 2020 and 2023. He is good at what he does and there is no dispute to that. The question, however, is if what Bellore brings in on-field activity is worth paying for a team now skimming the depths of its free-agent coffers with other players who can also perform well on special teams.