3 former Seahawks who are still having trouble finding jobs

A couple of these players could return to Seattle.

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Safety Jamal Adams is still looking for a new team

Adams is an odd case. Teams will do their best to avoid a prospect in the NFL draft who has an injury history even though there might not be a good chance the injury returns. But Jamal Adams is a classic example of a player with lots of talent who can never perform his best because he stays hurt. Adams was a good player for Seattle in 2020 and then the injuries started and he was never the same player. He was also clearly affected in 2023 but an injury he suffered early in the 2022 season.

Adams has never been that great in coverage with Seattle. With the New York Jets from 2018 and 2019, he actually was pretty good and had a passer rating allowed of 79.1 or less in each season. Twice with the Seahawks, though (2020 and 2023), Adams has allowed a passer rating of 121 or higher. That's horrible. This past season, 28 of the 34 passes thrown his way were completed and 2 went for touchdowns.

Adams also had a number of issues that did not relate directly to a certain play or two. He had a run-in with a doctor on the sidelines during Week 4 after he had been diagnosed with a concussion. He screamed at the doctor but while there was speculation that maybe Adams was acting the way he was because he was concussed, he later implied he was not sorry about the situation.

Adams had a social media spat with a reporter who covers the New York Jets as well. The safety illogically posted a photo of the reporter's wife with a caption that read, "Ew." It was a classless move by Adams.

He also left his teammates in Week 15 after being told he was not going to play against the Philadelphia Eagles. Pete Carroll allowed that to happen. Mike Macdonald likely would not and Adams might have immediately been released.

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