Four great potential landing spots for Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll has a lot of options in what he can do next.

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Advocate for the players, Pete Carroll

Carroll has spoken about his love for the players many times. Not just the players on the Seahawks, but every player on every team. As he said at his final Hawks press conference, "The real part of the league that could give us focus and direction is celebrating the players that make this game happen. And realize, and come to the understanding that you have no game without these guys. You have no level of the game without these guys, and they deserve to be seen for that."

I jokingly wrote at the time that this was the launch of Pete Carroll as the Nick Fury of the NFL. Okay, I was half-joking. As Carroll said, he went to the league a few years ago with his plan, and they rebuffed his ideas with almost zero thought. Imagine that, a corporation giving almost no thought to the people that make its vast profits possible. Perhaps in private, they thought that Carroll's ideas were all well and good, but who's going to put in that much effort?

Umm... I do believe there's someone available now with time on his hands, guys. Now I don't think for one moment that the NFL will have a change of heart, just because they guy who conceived the idea can now dedicate all of his time and considerable energy to leading it. That makes far too much sense, right? But on the other hand - almost literally on the other hand - the NFLPA might be interested. God knows they should be. With Pete Carroll spearheading the programs he spoke of, there could be real and significant changes in the future of the players and of the league.