Pete Carroll: The Nick Fury of the NFL Initiative

Carroll had a great plan a few years ago that the NFL needs to implement.

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Pete Carroll is no longer the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. Jody Allen says he's being moved upstairs, but I think he needs to be moved way upstairs. Pete should head up a new organization with a critical mission. Pete Carroll has named his new assignment.

Okay 12s, I'll admit it. I'm addicted to the Pete Carroll press conference of January 10, 2024. I've already referred to it on a separate matter, one well worth your attention, I believe. But this topic, this is some serious stuff. Carroll revealed some very hush-hush info in his press conference. I have a feeling the NFL didn't want this to be made public. But at this point, why should Pete care, right? What are they going to do, fire him? Too late!

What Carroll actually talked about was a discussion he had with the league at some undisclosed location at a similarly undisclosed time. It involved Pete's idea that besides concerns about money and playoffs and money and TV and money and contracts and money and drafts - okay, there's some editorial license there - what the league should really be concerned about was the players.

As Carroll actually said, "The real part of the league that could give us focus and direction is celebrating the players that make this game happen. And realize, and come to the understanding that you have no game without these guys. You have no level of the game without these guys, and they deserve to be seen for that." Truer words were never spoken, Coach.

Only Pete Carroll could assemble this team

Most of what Pete Carroll said made perfect sense. He said that the league should take care of players throughout their careers. The NFL should make decisions that support the players' health, welfare, and well-being while they're playing. Then after their playing career is over, figure out how to continue to support them. This, dear 12s, is when things got very interesting. This is where Pete Carroll unveiled his secret Initiative. Read his amazing plan for yourself.

Pete Carroll said, "What we would create, why wouldn't we be creating superheroes for our young kids? I think you would. Something happens around the country. Bam. Here comes the NFL. And they show up on-site, they're like a SWAT team of support and love and understanding and all that. I just thought, I thought there was so much to that, and it would change the perception of the League from outside in that we understood what it's like to care.

"And I think the message of sending that, and what that would mean, not just to the young guys and the guys going through their - but to everybody that watches it. Everybody's watching the NFL, so why not do that? So I presented it and all, and ppthpt. It didn't go anywhere. But it was a cool thought."

The NFL, in their extreme ignorance, may not have been interested. But Jody Allen can make this happen. As illustrated above, Marshawn Lynch has already been recruited. Can Doug Baldwin be far behind? I think not, 12s, I think not. Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman, K.J. Wright, Walter Jones - you know they're all in. Tyler Lockett and Bobby Wagner will be offseason representatives - you know, associate members, like Spidey and Dr. Strange. They'll step up for the biggest threats. Thanos goes down the first time against this group, no doubt about it.

Okay, but seriously, what a great idea. Of course, the league wasn't interested. Actual good works, instead of lip service and ad campaigns fully funded by corporate sponsors? Jody Allen really could spearhead this, and Pete Carroll really could get buy-in from all over the league. The next disaster relief effort, who's on the scene? The NFL Initiative. Who's there for moral support, education, and understanding? The NFL Initiative, that's who. And who better than Pete Carroll to show that yes, the NFL truly does care?

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