Geno Smith was bad but not Seattle Seahawks only issue in Week 9 loss

Geno Smith hasn't improved since 2022, but the team around him isn't good enough to compete yet.

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith's Week 9 shouldn't be looked at by itself. The Baltimore Ravens were simply better - much better - than the Seahawks in Week 9 as Baltimore won 37-3. Baltimore is a more veteran team with a better defense and a better offensive line. And yes, the Ravens have a better quarterback.

Before I go any further, I do want to say that any discussion to replace Geno Smith with Drew Lock is absurd. The most popular player on most teams is the backup quarterback because that player hasn't had to prove they can do anything. In preseason, Lock has flashed potential and also has had turnovers. Lock hasn't shown he can drop back 30 times a game (without rolling out on every play) and be good that goes for his time with the Denver Broncos or Seattle.

So Seattle has two quarterbacks currently who are not going to win championships. Smith has a few problems. One is that after playing a full season as a starter for the first time since 2014, Smith doesn't look better this season. He should be more consistent and more comfortable in 2023, but he isn't.

How did Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith play in Week 9?

And many of Geno Smith's recent interceptions look horrible. Against the Ravens, Smith overthrew Tyler Lockett on a sideline pass that was an easy interception. On many recent picks, some excuses have tried to have been made for the picks and that maybe the receiver ran the wrong route or could have helped Smith out on the throw more.

On most of the interceptions, the receivers couldn't have done much; They were simply bad throws by Smith. In the last six games, Post-game, Smith rightfully took the blame for the interception as well. Smith has 6 touchdown passes and 7 interceptions. That's not only a quarterback not helping his team win, but those aren't even good numbers for a backup.

Still, Lock shouldn't replace Smith because most in Seattle's locker room still believe in Smith, head coach Pete Carroll isn't one to change his quarterback midseason, and Lock likely isn't going to be better than Smith. Yes, Smith holds on to the ball too long and he has made some horrific throws as he went 13 of 28 passing for 157 yards passing and was sacked 4 times.

Smith's offensive coordinator Shane Waldron didn't help Smith out against the Ravens either, though. Waldron should have had a game plan for quick throws, but instead, Smith appeared to have to wait for routes to develop down the field. That didn't happen and the Ravens weren't going to allow that to happen. If Seattle had a better quarterback, the game probably would have been closer. But the Seahawks were still going to lose because the fact is the Ravens are much better overall than Seattle is currently.

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