Geno Smith or Shane Waldron: A look at who may be at fault for the Seahawks struggles

  • O-line issues
  • Where Waldron goes wrong
  • QB1 issue

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The offensive line struggles

The Seattle offensive line issue has to be immensely frustrating as a long-time Seahawks fan, as this has been an issue since the early Russell Wilson era. But it's something that the Seahawks have neglected for years. It seems like since the instant that they traded Max Unger to the Saints in 2013, being elite up front has never been a concern of theirs and it's shown.

The peak of Seattle's offensive line struggles showed this past Thursday in the Thanksgiving showdown against the 49ers. A team that features what's debatably the best defensive line in the NFL. The Seahawks couldn't get anything going offensively, not only because of the talented defensive front of the Niners but also because of the steep field position they kept finding themselves in, being pinned inside their own 10-yard line multiple times early on.

San Francisco had the Seattle offensive line in complete disarray, to say the least. Miscommunication after miscommunication, and All-Pro edge rusher Nick Bosa wrecking shop per usual. The part that gets the most frustrating is that the 49ers were consistently winning with four defensive linemen. They didn't need to send these exotic blitz packages, they just did all types of stunts and that was enough for the Seattle front (which sometimes would feature up to 7 blockers at once) to get out of position, or it would just cause them to straight up miss rushers due to their lack of communication and vision.

I say all this to not only shed light on the issue but to hopefully bring some weight off of Geno Smith and Shane Waldron, who are both being painted as the main problems with the offense. Although I would say that the biggest issue is on the offensive line and their struggles, I would also say that Geno Smith and Shane Waldron aren't entirely off the hook themselves.