Geno Smith or Shane Waldron: A look at who may be at fault for the Seahawks struggles

  • O-line issues
  • Where Waldron goes wrong
  • QB1 issue

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Can the offense be fixed?

So what's the solution? What part of the offense is killing the Seahawks the most? The answer to that is the offensive line. All of these issues the Seahawks are having stem from poor offensive line play. Do you know why the Seahawks are one of the worst teams in 3rd down conversion rate? The answer is because of poor pass protection. Why doesn't Shane Waldron run as much as he should?

The answer is that this team's biggest strength is its wide receiving core and the guys up front tend to get outmanned and outplayed in the run game. Why hasn't Geno been the same QB from last season? Because you're asking him to create due to poor offensive line play and do things consistently that only a top 5 QB in the league can do on a regular basis.

We all know that football is the ultimate team sport. So blaming one position whether that be player or coach, is a very lazy way of looking at things. All of these things coordinate and work together, and when things don't coordinate and work cohesively in this league it gets exposed eventually. That is ultimately what you're seeing with the Seattle Seahawks.

An offense with all the talent in the world but a position group that is holding them back from what they could be. Hopefully, some of these issues are addressed as they'll be getting their standout sophomore RT Abraham Lucas back from IR this week. A much-needed boost as the Seahawks get ready to play an elite Dallas Cowboys defense tonight.

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