Geno Smith slams NFL insider's tweet about Seahawks potential QB battle

Seattle seemingly doesn't have a QB1 battle and Smith is seemingly done hearing about it.
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Geno Smith is done hearing any discussion about the Seattle Seahawks potentially having a quarterback battle in 2024. He has been the starter for the last two seasons, done a pretty good job, and has no intention of giving up his QB1 spot. In fact, he is so over the chatter that Sam Howell could replace Smith that he responded to an "NFL insider"'s tweet that there was a question about who would start for Seattle.

The issue is a few-fold here, of course. For one, the NFL draft is over and there are now almost three months before NFL teams begin holding training camps. People who write about the NFL are going to try to find anything to create an article or a social media post. This is just part of the business, sadly.

Plus, the quarterback battle in Seattle is low-hanging fruit since Seattle traded for a young quarterback with starting experience this offseason. Howell is expected to be the backup quarterback in 2024 and both general manager John Schneider and head coach Mike Macdonald have said so. There will be speculation when there is nothing else to speculate about.

Geno Smith doesn't want to hear about any potential Seahawks quarterback controversy

The "NFL insider" that Smith chose to respond to on X/Twitter is named John Frascella. He has a history of writing for Bleacher Report and FanSided. He appears not to have written for FanSided, which 12th Man Rising is a part of, since last summer. His X handle says he is an "NFL Insider" and he has 16,000 followers. That is not a lot for someone claiming to be an insider, to be fair.

Frascella also has not been a consistent reporter of Seattle sports so when he claims to have a "source" with the Seahawks, this is likely a stretch. Frascella posted on X, in part, "Seattle Seahawks starting Quarterback Geno Smith is ‘on shakier ground than people realize,’ according to west coast source...My source compared the Seattle situation to the Pittsburgh Steelers: 'If Russ falters, you know Fields is gonna be in there,' he said."

Let's unpack this a bit. No reputable reporter should say "my" source because that implies that the reporter has an in with a person close to the Seahawks situation who doesn't speak to anyone other than that single reporter. This does happen in rare cases, but Frascella is not important enough for this to happen to him.

Also, the quote from the "source" is relatively silly. Literally, any sports fan in a bar having a drink with friends could say that. In other words, it's meaningless.

Except that Frascella's tweet really peeved off Geno Smith. Smith reposted Frascella's tweet and added, "U just made this BS up. Media is full of liars it’s so crazy!" So Frascella accomplished two things with his tweet. He upset Smith and was referred to as a member of the media thereby causing the real media to look bad. Maybe Frascella should just lay off thinking he knows anything about Seahawks football from now on.

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