3 takeaways from Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith's Week 1

Geno Smith and Seattle lost to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 of the 2023 season.
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Geno Smith could be better in Week 2

All that said in the first slide, Geno Smith could be better moving forward. As I said, he missed a wide open Jake Bobo over the middle on a flea-flicker that could have gone for at least 25 yards. The miss was made worse as kicker Jason Myers missed the field goal on the drive. Smith to Bobo could have been a touchdown, and that could have made the score 20-7. That could very well have changed the narrative of the game.

Or maybe not. Los Angeles outscored the Seahawks 23-0 in the second half and even if Seattle had scored another 10 points, they likely would have lost. Seattle's offense couldn't stay on the field and Seattle's defense couldn't get the Rams off the field. Los Angeles picked up 11 of 17 third downs and executed its only fourth down attempt and the last I looked Smith doesn't play defense. Maybe he should because he couldn't have done any worse than Seattle's defense did.

And Geno Smith did make that error of judgment on 3rd and 4 when he threw a low percentage pass to DK Metcalf that fell incomplete. Maybe there was no one open over the middle or on the other side of the field anyway, but if Smith thought that was his best option - or only option - that's really the only excuse for making that decision. Seattle needed to run the ball more anyway, but instead had to rely on these kinds of throws from Geno Smith to win the game.

The weird part was that the offense looked so out of sync. Same quarterback as 2022 and most of the same key players. Instead, Geno Smith appeared to be guiding his offense for the first time ever and it was ugly.