Grading every Seattle Seahawks first-round draft pick since 2010

With the 2024 NFL Draft just around the corner, we examine how well the Seattle Seahawks have drafted in the first round over the last near decade and a half.
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Stability in the NFL has grown to be quite rare. Whether it's at the quarterback position or a person of higher power, head coach, and/or general manager, owners have seemingly grown impatient. The so-called "microwave results" have taken over. Looking for immediate success after drafting a rookie quarterback or potentially hiring a new head coach is impractical. The Seattle Seahawks have been one of the rare examples of stability in the NFL.

Even though they moved off Pete Carroll this offseason, he and John Schneider both began their journeys in Seattle in 2010. Throughout a lot of turmoil that transpired, the head coach, general manager, and quarterback were the consistent pillars of a franchise that found ways to win games. It is no surprise that the steadiness of this organization directly resulted in multiple playoff appearances, two Super Bowl field trips, and one Super Bowl victory.

Their ideology was to build within, which required them to be successful in the draft. Back in 2010, the Seahawks were sort of given an advantage when hiring Pete Carroll because of his relativeness in the field of college football recruiting. Given the dominance he established at USC, he was not only familiar with players on his roster but, of those who played at a high level with other universities.

Grading every Seattle Seahawks first-round pick dating back to 2010

As a result of that, the Seahawks were able to build a generational defense which later on claimed the name, the Legion of Boom. Many have argued that since the departure of the Legion of Boom, Pete Carroll got power-crazed, and lost his grasp on the college football landscape, resulting in poor draft-day decisions. Primarily, early on in a round where you are supposed to be drafting a certified starter at their respective position. Also, known as Day 1 of the NFL Draft.

It is befitting that the success of the Seattle Seahawks' first-round selections emulated that of a rollercoaster ride during Pete Carroll and John Schneider's 14-year tenure together. Dating back to 2010, we examine and grade every first-round selection.