Seahawks draft picks 2024: Every selection Seattle currently has in April

How many picks does Seattle have and where do they choose?
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The Seattle Seahawks have done interesting things to position themselves for the 2024 NFL draft. One might think that Seattle trading for defensive lineman Leonard Williams and, separately, quarterback Sam Howell might have been done without forethought of how it would affect the draft, but this would be silly, of course. Every good front office knows how every move they make will affect the next.

The issue, though, is Seattle has kind of backed themselves into a corner with their draft positioning. Sure, they have seven picks overall, but five of them are currently on day three of the draft. That is not how a team doing in the midst of a rebuild wants to be doing business. Chances are that general manager John Schneider will trade back in the first round in an attempt to add a second-round choice.

Because the Seahawks' draft picks are how they are, that probably makes for must-see viewing of the 2024 draft for 12s because Schneider could be moving around a lot. He could turn both fourth-round choices into another third-round selection. Or, at least, try to do that.

Where the Seattle Seahawks' 2024 NFL draft picks are currently slated

This is currently where Seattle's draft picks are:

Round 1, pick 16
Round 3, pick 81 (from the Denver Broncos)
Round 4, pick 102 (from the Washington Commanders)
Round 4, pick 118
Round 6, pick 179 (from the Commanders)
Round 6, pick 192
Round 7, pick 235

Even worse than simply having five day-three picks is that none of them are in the fifth round. Almost half of Seattle's choices are in the sixth and seventh rounds. That is atrocious unless a team is tight against the salary cap and wants to choose inexpensive players as all draft picks are slotted. That might be a reach of a theory, but at least it is a logical one.

Of course, Seattle has had good success in the fifth round so maybe they will just try to trade and add picks there. Since Schneider became the GM in 2010, the Seahawks have chosen Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Will Dissly, and Riq Woolen all in the fifth. That is arguably better than what they have done in the first round.

A good guess might be that Seattle trades back to later in the first round, adds a second-round selection, trades back in the second round to stay in the second round but also adds a third-round pick. That would give the Seahawks nine picks overall with five in the first three rounds.

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