Grading the Seattle Seahawks and NFC West teams' offseasons

With free agency winding down, here is a look what each NFC West team did this offseason.

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The Seattle Seahawks made several interesting moves this offseason to re-tool their roster. Adding and subtracting from their 2023 team. With an almost entirely new coaching staff taking over, their roster looks quite different than it did a month ago, particularly on defense.

Seattle's general manager John Schneider made big roster cuts to save cap space to bring back the Seahawks' most important free agents. At least, the ones he thought were most important. Seattle almost had to bring back defensive lineman Leonard Williams, for instance, because of what the team gave up for him in a midseason 2023 trade.

The Los Angeles Rams made few roster cuts this off-season, mostly keeping their roster together. They made a few additions to their team during free agency but used restraint given their salary cap situation. LA lost four offensive linemen in free agency. Possibly letting them go, so they can add younger options in the draft and because they could not afford to retain these offensive linemen.

Grading the Seattle Seahawks' and NFC West rivals' offseasons

The San Francisco 49ers lost a pair of good defensive linemen because they could not afford to retain them. They did find cheaper options to replace them via trade and free agency. Unlike their defensive line which saw the 49ers lose players to free agency, the Niners brought back their entire offensive line from last year's Super Bowl team.

The Arizona Cardinals had cash to spend in free agency and they spent it after a rough season in which they went 4-13. The Cardinals went to work on their roster adding multiple players at several positions to fill holes in free agency. Notable positions they addressed include their secondary, offensive line, linebacker, defensive line, running back, and backup quarterback.