Jamal Adams might have questions after John Schneider's latest comments

Will Adams stay or will he go?

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Jamal Adams has been an oft-injured safety since the Seattle Seahawks acquired him before the 2020 season. In fact, that season four years ago was Adams' best season in Seattle and it's not close. Since then, he has missed 29 of a possible 51 games, has not recorded a sack, only 5 quarterback hits, and in 2023 he had a quarterback rating allowed of 111.7.

Even worse, Adams has a bloated contract with a cap hit of $26,916,666 next season, and that hit only goes up in 2025. Seattle could release the safety prior to June 1 and save $7,327,332. If the team moves on from Adams with a post-June 1 designation, Seattle would save $17,122,000 but the team could use none of that savings now and would have to wait until after June 1 to spend it.

The issue is that Seattle needs that saving now as even with the higher-than-expected salary cap number the team is just 22nd in the NFL in cap room this offseason. $7 million may not be as good as $17 million but general manager John Schneider might just take what he can get at this point. Plus, if nothing else, losing Adams means opening up a roster spot for a player more likely to stay healthy and productive.

Seattle Seahawks clearly are not sure about what to do with Jamal Adams

Speaking at the NFL combine on Tuesday, Schneider was asked about the Adams situation and Schneider did not exactly give an answer Adams would have loved. The Seahawks general manager said, "Is (Adams) in (new coach Mike Macdonald's) plans? Yeah, I mean, we’ll find out. We’ll keep working through things...We’re still trying to figure all that out."

So anything but a glowing assessment that Jamal Adams and Mike Macdonald are ready to make 2024 great together. Adams must have been listening to Schneider's comments because almost at the exact time Schneider stopped speaking with the press, Adams tweeted, "Looking forward to the opportunity." I assume that means Adams is looking forward to the opportunity of working with Macdonald.

The issue is that while Macdonald likes three safety sets more than most coaches, he would need to count on those safeties to remain healthy enough to play in most games. I also have no doubt that Macdonald would put Adams in situations to succeed. But the safety has shown zero ability to stay healthy so there is no real reason to keep him on the roster when releasing him frees up at least $7 million.

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