Jim Harbaugh does not think Mike Macdonald will fall into a 'deep, dark, lonely trap'

Macdonald worked for Harbaugh at Michigan.

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New Los Angeles Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh knows new Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald well. If anyone knows Macdonald's weaknesses, it would be Harbaugh. Seattle's coach worked as the defensive coordinator for Harbaugh's Michigan team in 2021. Plus, Macdonald worked for Jim's brother, John, as the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens.

It is odd in a way to think that Seattle will go from having Pete Carroll in charge of the team for 14 years to suddenly being so Harbaugh-inspired. Sure, Jim nor John have coached for Seattle, but their coach tree includes Macdonald. If Seattle's mentality changes from something Carroll would like, that mentality is now likely to be much closer to what a Harbaugh would love.

Macdonald, though, does have a reputation for coming up with his own ideas of what a defense should look like. Both Harbaugh's seemingly gave him a lot of autonomy with their teams. This helped Macdonald grow as a coach, and he received accolades for what he did with the Ravens the last two years, but the Seahawks' new coach does not appear to have let all the positive attention he has received go to his head.

Jim Harbaugh has effusive praise for Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald

This is according to Jim Harbaugh, at least. NFL head coaches are meeting with the media this week at the NFL annual owner's meetings and one of the questions Harbaugh received was about his former DC. But Harbaugh did not simply say, "He's a good coach" and move on to the next question. Harbaugh gave a decently long and well-thought answer.

And it is an answer most 12s should love.

Harbaugh said, "One thing I'll say about Mike is that he's himself. And that's every day. He's a great coach but there's humility, too, there. Some coaches make the mistake - you have a great year as a coach and someone gives you Coach of the Year - and that's great, you're Coach of the Year. That doesn't make you Coach of the Decade.

"Mike understands that and understands that every year is a new year and you have to attack it the same way every year. Don't get a big head. That's a trap. That's a deep, dark lonely trap. Same for coaches and same for players. Couldn't say enough good things about Mike."

Of course, Macdonald will need to have the new year, new opportunities mentality for at least the first few years with the Seahawks. He will be adjusting to the team this offseason and into 2024 and the team will adjust to him. There has been quite a bit of roster turnover this offseason, so the players will need to be getting used to playing next to their teammates as well.

But 2024 could also be a year of observation for Mike Macdonald and by 2025 he might have an even better idea of how he wants to help general manager John Schneider shape the roster moving forward. In other words, 2025 might look much different than 2024 and based on what Harbaugh said, Macdonald will be ready for the challenge.

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