John Schneider's answer to Seahawks trading for Sam Howell riles 12s

Who will be Seattle's QB in 2026? Just don't ask.
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The Seattle Seahawks decided not to take a quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft. This is a good thing as the team did not really need one. Choosing one, especially early in the draft, would have likely been a wasted choice and taken a player away from a greater position of need. Thankfully, Seattle chose defensive tackle Byron Murphy II in the first round and guard Christian Haynes in round three.

This further solidifies Geno Smith will be QB1 this coming season while Sam Howell will be his backup. Smith has been good overall the last two seasons and his statistics bear that out. Some 12s do not appear to be fans of Smith for whatever reason, but in 2022 he led the league in completion percentage and the NFC in touchdown passes, and in 2023 Smith led the NFL in fourth quarter comebacks and game-winning drives.

Howell was a full-time starter for the Washington Commanders last season and he brings youth and experience to the backup spot. He did throw 21 interceptions in 2023, but he also played behind an atrocious offensive line and was sacked 65 times. That last number is not a joke by the way.

Seattle Seahawks fans push back on John Schneider's quarterback situation reply

Both Smith and Howell are signed through 2025 so there might not be a need to choose a quarterback next year either. The team could save $25 million by releasing Smith next offseason but why do that if he has another solid season? Howell will only turn 24 years old in September so he should have a long career ahead of him. He could even eventually replace Smith.

When Seahawks general manager John Schneider was asked recently about the future of Seattle's quarterback position, Schneider wanted no part of the question. According to a tweet by Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune, Schneider answered by saying, "We just traded for Sam Howell. He's got two years left on his contract...Geno's here. We have a really cool room right now...Sam is a huge part of it because we made a major trade to get Sam."

The "major trade" part appears to have rankled some 12s who don't see the trade that brought Howell to Seattle as a "major" one. Perhaps Schneider misspoke or perhaps he does see the trade as an extremely important one. Maybe Schneider sees Howell as Seattle's long-term quarterback.

To be fair, Schneider obviously sees Howell as more than a fifth-rounder. As part of the trade to get Howell, the Seahawks gave up a third-round choice.

Again, to be fair, Schneider did not say "huge trade" either. He said, "Major." (Yes, I realize there is little difference.)

This is a harsh critique of Seattle's 2024 draft and there is no way to know how well the draft will work out until a couple of years afterward. The reaction to Bell's tweet, though, does not discuss the quarterback situation. A bit of an odd reply.

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