KJ Wright reveals who he would choose as Seattle Seahawks next head coach

Wright's pick for next head coach is a very familiar name for 12s.
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12s are divided about who should be the Seattle Seahawks' next head coach, and they should be. Having an opinion about what your favorite football team to replace long-time head coach Pete Carroll is a good thing. But former Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright has a strong opinion about who should take Carroll's place and that is a coach he played for.

On the KJ Wright Show on Seattle Sports 710 AM on Wednesday, Wright gave his idea for what makes up a leader. Wright said, "You have got to get men to buy into your philosophy. You have got to get men to be accountable when they make mistakes. You’ve got to instill discipline into guys that are making a lot of money and have got a lot of egos."

There is a lot to unpack there. Wright also likes Pete Carroll and enjoyed playing for him. But one could also read into what Wright said as Carroll had lost the ability to hold players accountable for their mistakes. Receiver DK Metcalf, for instance, swiped away any real concern about Carroll putting his name on a whiteboard early in the season after Metcalf had drawn yet another silly 15-yard penalty. Metcalf said he was just going to stay who he was and not change.

Former Seahawks LB KJ Wright thinks Dan Quinn should be the next head coach in Seattle

Metcalf told this to Brady Henderson of ESPN, but there was seemingly no recourse for Metcalf's behavior. Carroll just let it go. While patience and understanding are great traits for a human being, they don't always work well for a football coach who must maintain discipline.

Wright believes the next head coach for the Seahawks is someone who would hold players accountable to instill discipline and that coach is current Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. Wright played under Quinn when Quinn was the defensive coordinator for the Seahawks when Seattle went to back-to-back Super Bowls in 2013 and 2014.

Wright said on his show, "I’m John Schneider and I’m introducing the next head coach of this football team: ‘We’d like to introduce our new head coach, Dan Quinn.’ Give me DQ."

Many 12s have recently soured on Dan Quinn based apparently solely on the Cowboys meltdown against the Green Bay Packers in this past weekend's Wild Card playoff game. To be fair to Quinn, the meltdown was an entire team effort and not just a defensive one. Still, Quinn did seem to lack the ability to adjust to what the Packers were doing and that is scary.

Quinn would make for an easy transition from Carroll, though. He has worked with general manager John Schneider already. Future Hall of Fame linebacker Bobby Wagner played for Quinn and Wagner might be willing to return to the Seahawks in free agency should Quinn return. But there is no indication of who Seattle will make its next head coach yet, but hopefully by next week.

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