This is why some Seattle Seahawks fans don't need social media

Social media can be toxic but it's worse when posts are not well thought out.
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I could cite dozens of examples of the lunacy of some Seattle Seahawks fans. Two will suffice to make the point. It's one thing to ask for personnel changes, but at the least, you should have some tiny kernel of understanding. Not like these half-wits.

So maybe half-wits isn't the correct term. To be accurate, I'd say these pair of 12s are quarter-wits, at best. You'll not that I didn't include their screen names. No need to embarrass them here. I'm sure they do a fine job of that in everyday life themselves. Seriously though; criticism of the team, the staff, the players, anything is fair game, if you have some minuscule germ of the truth at the core of your complaint. Otherwise, you're just stupid. Like these two legends.

Just read this idiocy, 12s, and tell me how you kept your brain from exploding. The 12thManRising Facebook page posted this question: "Which three tough roster decisions would you make this offseason if you were in charge of the Seahawks?" The Seahawks certainly have several difficult decisions to make. There were several intelligent thoughtful responses. Jamal Adams came up several times as a departure, while Leonard Williams was often named as a priority re-sign. Solid thoughts, all.

The Seattle Seahawks deserve better fans than some of this

Then there was this genius response: "Start by Cutting all the coaches and assistants. Draft a QB, sign Russell Wilson back for a song. Get a few draft picks for Geno and Lock. Get some more Offensive line help." It's almost always a sure sign the Author isn't dealing from a full Deck when they randomly Capitalize words for No reason. Maybe that's just a personal thing, but seriously, it doesn't instill confidence in the thought process. (Plus, Drew Lock is a free agent this offseason so why would Seattle re-sign him and then trade him and why would Lock want that?)

Mission accomplished on the coaching staff. But what universe do you live in where Russell Wilson signs "for a song"? You do know that he left because he felt he needed more input on team decisions, and that he wanted a bigger contract, right? Why draft a QB as your top priority - your first player position mentioned - then sign Wilson, even if he would somehow sign for pennies on the dollar? What constitutes a thought process in that painfully cramped skull?

Here's another absolute classic. This gem is in response to the post, "Should’ve started wit getting a new qb cause Pete is nottttt the problem."  Okay, so the initial post is bad enough. I love Pete Carroll, but the team had regressed over the past three seasons. Last year, Seattle was 25th in points allowed, 30th in yards allowed, and 31st in rushing yards allowed. Pretty sure Geno Smith wasn't the defensive coordinator, nor was he the head coach who hired and retained him.

That gem was followed by this sparkling diadem of intelligence: "Without Pete I have a feeling the Seahawks will be moving on from Geno. The guy just can’t make a decision on the field, granted he doesn’t have the best time in the pocket, but still. The guy has not been the same since he got paid." Mmmm...okay.

To the point that Geno Smith hasn't performed at his peak, that's true. But he hasn't been the same since Week 12 of 2022. The implication that he fell off because he got a big payday is not only wrong, it's practically libelous. Not only did the comment completely ignore the facts, but it also seemed to miss that Smith had $10 million reasons to match his 2022 statistics.

Worst of all, of course, was the comment that Smith just couldn't "make a decision on the field." Did he make the right decision every time? No, he did not. But tell me, oh great gridiron guru, how does a quarterback set the all-time league record with seven go-ahead touchdown passes in the fourth quarter, or OT, if he isn't making decisions? Note that I wrote that after the Seahawks beat the Titans when Smith tied the record. Since then, he knocked off the Cardinals to claim the record for himself.

What, do you think he just blindly threw the ball seven times,and he was lucky every time? Do you think Smith was 4-4 on the final drive in Arizona by luck? Was he 7-10 against Tennessee on the last drive through divine intervention? With 52 seconds on the clock, Smith was 4-5 fo 50 yards to set up the winning field goal versus the Commanders. But yeah, he didn't make any decisions there, either. With 1:57 left, Smith went 4-5 in Cleveland to secure the win for the Seahawks.

I would go on, but this is all readily available information. One would think that anyone who claims to be a fan of the Seahawks had seen the games. One would assume they might remember a few details as well, but clearly not. It is absolutely, unbelievably, incredibly mind-boggling that anyone could look at how badly the Seattle defense failed as the season wore on, and blame the record on Geno Smith. Smith was far from perfect, without a doubt. How brain-dead does one have to be to point the finger solely at Smith, though?

Again, it's your right to criticize the team. It's more than fair to call them out for the failures of a 9-8 season. We've done that often ourselves. But when you make comments like "sign Russell Wilson for a song" or "(Geno Smith) can't make a decision," you completely invalidate your argument. You might take heed of the phrase, "It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt of it."

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