Latest Kenneth Walker III disrespect could fuel Seahawks RB to career highs

Seattle often get disrespected but Walker being left off a recent list could motivate him to reach career highs.
Kenneth Walker III of the Seattle Seahawks
Kenneth Walker III of the Seattle Seahawks / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Kenneth Walker III was overshadowed a bit in college because he played at Michigan State. The University of Michigan rules the proverbial roost in that state. As good as Walker was in college - and he was very good - he would have been more popular had he played for the Wolverines. The running back basically was drafted by the NFL version of Michigan State when the Seattle Seahawks chose him in 2022.

That is only because of playing in the Pacific Northwest and the fact that the national media many times forget anything that is not happening in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Dallas. (Oddly, though Houston is the more populated area in Texas, Dallas seems to get more love.) San Francisco might be included in that list as well because when the 49ers succeed it seems to get more sustained attention than the Seahawks.

Maybe that is only bias. However, the perception that PNW gets less love over the decades is not untrue. Heck, the SuperSonics moved to the metropolis of Oklahoma City (that's a joke; Seattle is a bigger city) but few care outside of Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III gets disrespected by Pro Football Network

Walker has learned the PNW gets disrespected a lot since he came to Seattle. He got another example in a recent ranking of Pro Football Network's ranking of the best players under 25 years old in the NFL. Yes, PFN noticed Devon Witherspoon, but that is because Witherspoon is not only productive enough but vociferous enough to make sure people notice him. He is worthy of praise, but so is Walker.

Witherspoon should have still been ranked higher than 19 on PFN's list, but at least he was ranked. Walker was not. Yet, PFN did rank Miami Dolphins running back De'Von Achane. Achane has spent one injury-riddled season in the NFL and was successful largely due to the design of the Dolphins offense.

Achane also was only truly highly successful for four games in 2023. He ran for over 100 yards in Weeks 3 through 5 (including rushing for 203 yards and scoring four total touchdowns in Week 3 against the Denver Broncos), but in seven other games, he rushed for 73 yards or less. He averaged 7.8 yards per rush last year, but take away Weeks 3 through 5, and in eight games, Achane averaged 5.2 yards a rush and scored four touchdowns.

Walker had a far less efficient offense overall, but he had more 100-yard rushing games in his rookie season (five to four) than Achane, and then Walker followed that up with a sophomore season when he had fewer touches but still scored nine touchdowns. Blame his lack of production on former offensive coordinator Shane Waldron.

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Under new OC Ryan Grubb in 2024, Walker should have an explosive season. He could get close to 1,300 rushing yards and close to 15 total touchdowns. He will also grind out the tough yards that Achane is likely incapable of doing.

Walker is only 23 years old. He will be able to make PFN's list next year. Hopefully, Pro Football Network doesn't forget about Walker. Though, if they do, he might use that as fuel to get 1,500 yards rushing in 2025.

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