Seahawks linked to illogical trade that would cripple NFC West rival

It's the silly season for the NFL, but one recently proposed trade would be great for the Seattle Seahawks.
DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks
DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks / Conor Courtney/GettyImages

June and the beginning of July are the silly season for the NFL. There is almost literally nothing going on. That is a good thing. If 12s happen to hear something interesting about the Seattle Seahawks, for instance, that might mean something bad has happened.

Seattle's voluntary offseason program has ended and OTAs are done. In a bit over a week, 12s will learn the dates of when Seattle will hold training camp. After that, the beginning of the 2024 NFL season will be less than two months away.

Between now and training camp, NFL sites and writers will use their imaginations to come up with ridiculous ideas. (Don't worry; we here at 12th Man Rising will likely do the same.) Just because the ideas put forth might be wrong or comical at times, they are also a lot of fun to react to.

Seahawks making a move to add a certain wide receiver is completely illogical

One recently proposed trade by Clutch Points' Enzo Flojo might be a bit too much, but if the move was executed, the Seahawks would be greatly improved while the San Francisco 49ers would be forced to cry in their box of Joe Montana Wheaties. (No, I didn't bother to check if Montana has ever been on the front of a Wheaties box. I am just assuming he has.)

Flojo puts forth three names that Seattle should try to acquire. He leads with Seattle making a trade for Brandon Aiyuk. The reasons this won't work are simple: The 49ers aren't going to give an NFC West rival one of their best players. Also, Seattle cannot afford Aiyuk this year (his cap hit is $14,124,000) or next season (Seattle is already well over the cap).

More importantly, what would the Seahawks possibly give the 49ers in return that would have San Francisco be OK with shipping one of their best players to Seattle? Flojo doesn't offer the details.

Flojo writes of the receiver going to Seattle, "(Aiyuk) ability to stretch the field and secure contested catches would perfectly complement DK Metcalf's physicality and Tyler Lockett's precision." There is oddly zero mention of Jaxon Smith-Njigba, almost as if Flojo forgot about Seattle's second-year wide receiver.

JSN is another reason for Seattle not to make the trade. Surely, the Seahawks would not trade JSN to San Francisco to acquire Aiyuk. That is illogical in financial terms and Seattle doesn't get much of an upgrade - if any - for choosing Aiyuk over Smith-Njigba.

Seahawks urged to go all-in for this QB in 2025. dark. Next. Seahawks urged to go all-in for this QB in 2025

If one needed more proof that possibly Enzo Flojo was only having a bit of fun with his article. he also suggests that Seattle should trade for cornerback Darius Slay. That is another player Seattle cannot afford. Flojo must have been holding a copy of the 2022 Seahawks roster when writing his article because he left out the name Devon Witherspoon.

Worse, Flojo wrote, "(Slay's) presence would not only bolster Seattle's pass defense. It would also significantly enhance the team's overall defensive mentality. With Slay anchoring the secondary, defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt could implement more aggressive schemes."

Um, Hurtt? Flojo might have needed to do a little more research.

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