3 major observations from Geno Smith's performance vs. Commanders in Week 10

How did QB1 fare against Washington?
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Geno Smith's second half efficiency

The second half became a different story for Smith, thankfully. After getting stagnant to begin the third quarter, a miracle occurred. Smith dropped back to pass at his own 36-yard line and threw a pass to his right in the near flat to running back Kenneth Walker. As the pass was being completed, the Commanders defender who might have had a solid chance of tackling Walker slipped and could never fully recover as Walker flew past him, gained a head of steam, broke a tackle, and sprinted for a 64-yard touchdown.

That was just the kind of play a Seahawks offense struggling to score touchdowns needed. The offense wasn't close enough to the end zone to overthink what they need to do and how they needed to execute. After kicking three more field goals in the first half, the touchdown had to be a relief for the offense.

Smith played almost flawlessly in the second half. During the game he didn't really put the ball in harm's way - the Commanders almost picked off a pass but only because it was batted at the line of scrimmage - and threw over defenders into small windows. He missed on a couple of throws, like a pass to Zach Charbonnet in the flat, but he certainly played well enough to lead his team to victory.

And on the final two drives when the Seahawks absolutely had to have points, Smith was a fantastic 9 of 11 for 110 yards. He did have an incomplete pass that likely would have stayed incomplete except for a pass interference penalty against the Commanders. But that penalty eventually helped lead to classic Geno Smith to Tyler Lockett pass.