Marshawn Lynch gets another chance to do something great

Lynch is one of the best running backs in Seattle Seahawks history, but he is still hoping to be immortalized in a different way.
Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks
Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

Most Seattle Seahawks will always fondly remember Marshawn Lynch. He gave 12s two Beast Mode runs. Fans also know that had he been given the ball near the end of Super Bowl XLIX then Seattle would have probably been back-to-back Super Bowl champions. Does he belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Maybe.

Lynch, though, is hoping to be honored by getting into another Hall of Fame. This would be the one for college football. For the fourth straight year, Lynch is part of the ballot for potential induction. At Cal, where his quarterback was some guy named Aaron Rodgers, Lynch was a First-Team All-American in 2006 when he had 1,795 total yards and 15 touchdowns.

In 2005 and 2006, Lynch ran for at least 1,246 yards each year, scored double-digit touchdowns, and was named MVP of the bowl games his team appeared in. He was very much the player he was with the Seahawks: Powerful and fast with a bullish mentality. The issue for Lynch is that he is up against almost 190 players hoping to be voted into the Hall of Fame (and no, that is not a joke). That is too many.

Former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch hoping for Hall of Fame induction

Oddly, DK Metcalf's father, Terrence, is also on the ballot. Terrence was an offensive lineman for Ole Miss in the early 2000s. Lynch is closer in age to DK Metcalf's father than Lynch is to DK.

Oddly enough, Lynch is also eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year. This will be his first chance to be on the ballot for Canton. Many great players who make it into the Hall of Fame don't get voted in during their first years of eligibility, so don't panic if Lynch is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame class for 2025 (but let's hope when he does get inducted he gives a lot of shoutouts to the Seahawks).

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The weird part comes with the college football Hall of Fame. The ballot is out but the official press release from the Hall made the post very confusing. For instance, the timestamp on the article is June 3, 2025. The same article says the class will be announced in early 2025 but that voting for the class ends July 1, 2025. This implies that voting is still occurring after the class is announced. That surely cannot be correct.

No matter, 12s probably hope more than Marshawn Lynch makes the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The class is normally announced during Super Bowl festivities every year.

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