Michael Dickson misses Seahawks minicamp for best possible reason

Dickson might be the best punter in the NFL, but he is skipping Seattle's minicamp for good reason.
Seattle Seahawks punter Michael Dickson
Seattle Seahawks punter Michael Dickson / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

When Michael Dickson was drafted in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks hoped that he would turn into a defensive weapon. The idea was that Dickson would consistently pin opposing offenses within their 20-yard line and the defense could feast on teams needing to throw the ball to gain yards. Since 2018, Dickson has done his job; the defense hasn't.

In fact, Dickson has done his job so well that he became the highest-paid punter in the league. His contract averages $3.67 million a season and he is signed through 2025. As good as Dickson has been - routinely, and more consistently than any other punter, ranking in the top five in net yards per punt and punts inside the 20, one might argue that Dickson is comparatively underpaid.

Not that Dickson would probably complain about anything. He comes across as a laid-back person who is quick with a smile. Like almost any other Australian one might think of. But he does work hard on staying good as a punter. That is how he makes his money.

Michael Dickson missing Seattle Seahawks minicamp for a fantastic reason

That money has recently become more important as well. No, Dickson is not holding out of the Seahawks minicamp because he wants more of the green stuff, but the punter is skipping minicamp because he is getting married in Hawaii. One might wonder how far in advance that the wedding was planned but likely longer than Seattle has known its minicamp dates.

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Plus, how important is it that a punter shows up at minicamp? They know how to do their job and special teams can work on what they plan to do without the ball being punted in practice. Seattle can be sure that Dickson has been working diligently on perfecting his craft this offseason.

One might also wonder what kind of wedding gifts some of his teammates will be sending him. Or maybe Dickson having a wedding knowing his teammates would be busy means he does not get along with his teammates and doesn't want any of them at his wedding. That, of course, is probably completely untrue, but joking about some drama is part of the offseason.

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